Atlantis Abutments

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Individually designed abutments for cement-retained prosthetic solutions


Individually designed abutments cement-retained prosthetic solutions

ATLANTIS abutments are individually designed abutments for implant based, cement-retained restorations. Through the use of the patented ATLANTIS VAD software each ATLANTIS abutment is individually designed from the final tooth shape for outstanding function and esthetics.

Indications: ATLANTIS abutments (cement-retained) are indicated for all positions in the mouth and support single, partial and full jaw cement-retained restorations.

Materials: ATLANTIS abutments allow you the freedom to choose among biocompatible materials for each case. ATLANTIS abutments for cement-retained restorations are produced in titanium, gold-shaded titanium and four shades of zirconia.


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The British Bite Mark

The British Bite Mark 


We are proud to have been registered with the British Bite Mark regulator since 2013. The logo provides customers with the comforting knowledge that the dental appliances have been manufactured in a British dental lab to set legal requirements.